Lawyer Payment Options

Traditional retainers
In most cases a cash retainer will be required before work commences or continues sufficient to cover the specified project or the portion of work specified on ongoing project or simply on account to be applied towards charges as they occur. Typically a service which is intended to be rendered within a short period of time will require a retainer of the entire amount of the fees, disbursements and taxes. On going matters such as litigation matters, generally require a sufficient retainer in order to cover the next anticipated step or steps. Further retainers are then typically requested before the next step commences. The retainer or additional retainer is based upon an estimate of the anticipated charge for the next step. If the matter becomes more complex than originally anticipated or if additional services are requested or necessary the retainer at hand may be exhausted and there will be a balance owing on your account. Any balance owing on the account is typically paid in full together with a further retainer before work continues, unless alternate payment arrangements have been made with this office. Payments and retainers can be paid by way of cash, cheque, certified cheque, money order, bank draft, mastercard ,visa, interact or wire transfer to our trust account.

Block fees
Many services can be billled on a blocked fee basis plus taxes or block fee basis plus disbursements taxes. A block fee quotation including fees, disbursements and taxes is possible in many areas such as patents, trademarks, incorporation, certain agreements, Real state transactions, and many other business and personal services. Any blockfee items are based on standard transactions, as defined in these particular subject areas, without complications occurring. Please feel free to discuss with one of our lawyers or agents whether or not a block fee quotation is available for a particular area of work and what the block fee includes and/or excludes.

Hourly rate retainers
Many items are billed on an hourly basis such as litigation, complex contracts, common negotiations and other contentious items. Hourly rates are set for all lawyers, agents and law clerks and are available in writing from our office at the commencement of work.

Mixed block fees and hourly rates
In many cases a project will have both a block fee component and a hourly rate component. In such cases, the block fees will be charged for standard items with the balance of the work being charged on an hourly rate bases or based on a specific quotation arranged with you.
Certain larger projects require financing, especially if significant legal fees and disbursements are necessary within a short period of time. On going businesses maintain sufficient operating capital or have their own financing in place. Many companies also have corporate credit cards which we accept as well. Most small businesses usually arrange their own financing or lines of credit and/or use corporate and/or personal credit cards depending on the necessary legal expenses. Should you require financing for a project for a small business or for personal services (i.e. filing patent applications as an individual with the view to starting your own business, or the funding of a lawsuit) we may be able to arrange financing for you through one or more institutions used by our office.

We presently accept corporate and individual Visa cards. Visa payments may be processed in our office or card details may be called to our office or telephone fax. We eventually require a signature on any credit card approval prior to commencing or continuing work even though Visa does not require us to have a signature on file in order to process a payment on your behalf.

We also accept interact payments. Due to the nature of the interact system it is necessary for you to attend at our office in order to process an interact payment as the card must be physically swiped through our interact terminal in order to process the retainer or payment.
Should you have any other credit cards which this office cannot accommodate you may be able to arrange for a cash advance on those credit cards and provide payment to this office by away of cash or cheque. Written receipts are provided for all cash payments excluding cheques. A written invoice will be issued to you accounting for all funds received as work progresses and at completion of any work requested.