Brampton Trademarks Lawyer

Trademarks fall under the umbrella of intellectual property (IP) rights, but are reserved for a distinct classification of IPs; namely a combination of words, sounds, or unique symbols and designs that you use to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

We use trademarks to brand and market business name, or signature products and services. Without establishing ownership, your competitors can swoop in attempting to capture your business. While you still have limited legal rights to your brand indicators without a trademark, your registered trademark grants you exclusive rights to the words or designs that you use.

Trademarks can be registered for business names, taglines, logos, symbols, and graphics and lots more!


Registered Trademarks Vary from Other Intellectual Property Rights


There are a variety of seemingly similar, yet distinct intellectual property rights that you can register for. Trademarks are often confused with patents, copyrights, integrated circuit topographies—and even industrial designs. As you prepare to launch your start-up, or legally secure your ownership, you may need to register for multiple Canadian IP rights. The IP team at Kozlowski & Company will ensure that you select the appropriate IPs for your needs.

Do You Need a Trademark?


You may not need to trademark your business name, taglines or graphics—or you may only choose to trademark one or two of your signature distinguishers. We will work with you to determine which of your brand distinguishers are most valuable, and most in need of established intellectual property rights.

Registering Your Trademark Internationally


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) requires that you first register your trademarks with Canada, before you apply for international registration. The process of registering for both Brampton and WIPO is a complex one; however, an experienced trademark lawyer can help you streamline and simplify this process, if hired.

Trademarks are valuable brand identifiers for local, nationwide, and global businesses. Protect your brand identity by establishing legal ownership.