Brampton Intellectual Property Lawyer

Are you an innovator or creative professional whose work is intangible? If yes, then you must protect your innovations by establishing rightful ownership of your intellectual property. Intellectual property (IP) is any invention or creation that is intangible-it neither seen nor felt. The umbrella under which IP falls continues to grow at a rapid rate and encompasses a growing number of artistic, scientific, industrial, and technical inventions.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Canada

 Protecting your intellectual property is essential for freelancers and business owners alike. The reasons to protect your inventions are many, and the ways in which you must protect your property are many. A few options include:

  • Intellectual Property Patent
  • Industrial Design Patent
  • Design Patent
  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Internet Trademark & Copyright
  • Integrated Circuit Typography
  • Plant Breeders Rights
  • Trade Secret

You may only require one or two IPs, or you may require multiple IPs. Whatever your needs may be, Kozlowski & Company will advise on the appropriate IP solutions.

Intellectual Property is More Than Just Ownership

 Establishing legal rights and ownership is the primary goal for most, but is certainly not the only goal. Intellectual property rights are required for generating funding, licensing your IPs, branding your business, and building customer loyalty. We will take things one step further, and advise you on the best way to ensure your top secret IPs are protected with the appropriate confidentiality precautions.

Intellectual property could come in the following form:


  • Scientific methods
  • Electronic devices
  • Images
  • Graphic designs
  • Industrial design
  • Written work
  • Works of art
  • Music

Do You Plan On Using Your IP in Foreign Countries?

 Even if you have established ownership of your invention in Brampton, Ontario, you must also register your IP in foreign countries. Canada has ratified treaties within many foreign countries in which you may plan to sell or market your invention, but you must register your IP locally before you begin exporting.

Nowadays, most people transact business electronically; therefore, the need to safeguard your intangible inventions becomes more important now than ever.