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Patent & Trademark Agents


 Kozlowski & Company concentrates its practice in the areas on Intellectual Property, Business Law and related litigation. We are licensed to prosecute Patent and Trademark applications throughout Canada, the United States and in all other countries through our associates. We are also licensed to bring Court proceedings in the Province of Ontario, Canada and throughout all of Canada in the Federal Court of Canada. We are also able to institute and supervise litigation in other Provinces, the United States and in other countries through our associates. We implement corporate structures worldwide including Canadian, U.S. and offshore corporations with an emphasis on Intellectual Property. Broad services are available with respect to domain names, e-commerce, website and computer law. A full range of traditional business law supports our intellectual property and litigation services. Canadian and U.S. immigration law is also available through our lawyers and foreign associates. Related personal services are also available to support

entrepreneurs, executives and individuals.